I started breeding dogs more than 25 years ago. Gradually I owned four German Shepherd girls and bred five litters.

Six years later I bought a Belgian Shepherd Malinois pair, a male and a female. My boy Akim obtained 16 times EXCELLENT at shows and also his title Champion CZ. This breed caught my attention at first by their superb working ability and talent in the area of rescue work. We gradually passed 14 rescue work tests altogether. I was so proud of both of them. I bred four litters of these lovely Malinois. As Akim and Andra began aging slowly, I started thinking about what sort of dog should be the next addition to our family. Some lovely, children loving breed for walks in the forest and for a show once in a while. I was accompanying my husband to a dog show where he had had some work to do. There it came as a strike of fate. I had a lot of time to talk to people and to look around. Suddenly I saw him right then and there. Majestic, but at the same time incredibly friendly, lovely and beautiful - well in short: true love at the first glance. Who did I meet there? Flatcoated retriever male - Dual Champ. Black Amandas Jolly Good Fellow with his owner Mr. F. Korda. Since this first instant I have been longing to own his daughter. At that time I have had no idea yet that Jolly would become the best show and work dog in the Czech Republic for a very long time to come.

What is more, my wish came true. Not long after this fatal meeting I did manage to buy Jolly’s daughter! She was such a sweet puppy, absolutely wonderful since the very first minutes with us. We were very lucky. We brought home Bessy Lenfir. As she grew, we began showing her. She reached nearly as wonderful results as her fantastic father Jolly. Bessy fulfilled and exceeded all our expectations. Bessy was awarded the title The Best Female of the Year 2004 KCHLS and she obtained many other awards both at home and abroad.

I kept Evening Star Bonny Dux from Bessy’s first litter by Yetti z Vlčích luk – we call her Ivanka at home. Our Ivanka´s sire, Yetti moved in with us one summer evening as an adult dog – already over two years old. His lovely character influenced me to go ahead and work with him to fulfil all the steps necessary to gain an approved stud dog status. His pedigree has convinced me of his stud potential and I have decided to mate Bessy just to him at first. One of his famous ancestors, Shargleam Blackcap has awakened my enthusiasm. I have decided to try and breed the elegant English type of a flatcoat with their working purpose intact. Yetti is of a smaller frame, but his heart is huge with his love for people and this is one of the many nice traits he passes on to his progeny.

In May 2005 our Evening Star Bonny Dux gained not only her fourth junior CC but even the title of Best in Show Junior from a panel of British judges. After that we went form one success to another again with my lovely Evening Star. At the Club Show KCHLS later in 2005 the judge was well-known and highly acclaimed flatcoated retriever specialist Mrs. Brenda Philips of the Exclyst affix. Evening Star Bonny Dux won the working class and was very well liked. Bessy won the champion class and was liked even better. Bessy obtained the Club Winner award and Best of Breed. I felt incredibly happy. What came afterwards is difficult to describe in mere words. Bessy was at the end chosen as the Best in Show dog. I ran Bessy through her paces in the final winner’s ring and felt I was living a dream. The very nice audience clapped and cheered.

This has been a once in a lifetime moment for me, which became even more so by the genuine interest and appreciation displayed by the late Mrs. Brenda Philips. Mrs. Philips came back to us twice to pat Bessy and to ensure we understood fully how much she liked Bessy in every aspect. Here I wish to thank my husband very much for his help and support and translation from English. If it were not for him, I might have never known how much Mrs. Brenda Philips loved Bessy.

At the end of this incredibly successful year Evening Star and I received the nomination for the Champion of Champions Show. We took part with pride and were placed fifth.

From the Club KCHLS - Evening Star Bonny Dux received these titles of honour: The Show Female of the Year 2005 and The Working Female of the Year 2005. Furthermore I obtained even the title THE BREEDER of THE YEAR 2005.

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